We are a community-led non-profit organization dedicated to studying and protecting nesting and feeding sea turtles in Costa Rica. 


Our mission is to prevent the extinction of sea turtles and secure their existence in future by studying endangered sea turtle populations in Costa Rica and protecting them from detrimental human activities, combining local knowledge with applied science and engaging and activating local stakeholders, such as adjacent communities, fishermen, and the next generation.

Our specific goal is to safeguard sea turtle populations and their habitat by collecting data on their activities, conducting nightly patrols to prevent poaching, engaging in environmental outreach, and implementing capacity-building activities for local communities. Our activities are meant to mitigate and counteract the direct and indirect threats sea turtles face because of human activities, such as the exploitive use of adults and eggs through poaching, incidental catch by fisheries, the ingestion and entanglement as a result of ocean plastic pollution, and the effects on the clutch and hatching success, as well as sex ratios because of sea-level rise and rising temperatures due to climate change.


In 2014, several veterans of sea turtle conservation and research efforts within Costa Rica came together to form a new alliance. This was the birth of the Costa Rican Alliance for Sea Turtle Conservation & Science (COASTS). The first projects COASTS was involved in were sea turtle research projects on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, including Ostional and Rio Oro. In 2020, COASTS reinstated a formal monitoring and conservation program for sea turtles nesting at beaches in the Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge.